8 Easy Tips To improve Site Loading Speed


Site loading speed is most important factor for website or blogs in order to rank fast and for user attraction. In order to understand importance of site loading speed we’ll have to think as a user of website. When we visits on any website and if site takes more time to load up that time is more frustrating us and we leave that site instantly. So this is defect in site ranking. Improvement of site loading speed is more challenging for new blogger. Because, they haven’t any ideas about this.

So here we are going to tell you about all tips to improve site loading speed but before this we want to tell you that how you can check your site loading speed.

What is Good loading time?

Before, starting improvement you should know that what are good timing is necessary for a best site.

According to Google” Loading time for best site is around three seconds only” . But you can also improve your site speed upto less than three second. Even my site loading time is also less that three seconds.

How to check site loading speed and time?

There are many tools available over internet to check site loading speed but here we recommend to use Google PageSpeed Insight tool. Because it also tell us that what are the factors who is responsible for maximize loading time and how can we improve it.

There are many factors who is responsible for maximize loading time. But you need to find out these factors. Don’t worry for that Google PageSpeed insight is a best tool who can help to find out that factors.

1:Minimize HTTPS Requests:-

According to yahoo “the 80% time of loading is spent to download part of webpages like HTML, CSS , JavaScript, images and etc.

A Https request made for each the element of page so our site takes more times to render because without loading these elements site can not be render well. To improve this you have first need to find that how much https request you site have.

If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox then you can see the no of Https request your site have by going Developer tools. To go to developer tool, Right click and select ‘Inspect Element’ and then Goto Network tab. Here you can see the number of https request your site have.

You can improve your site loading time by reducing these requests. Choose unnecessary request from them and remove them.


2:Minify and Combine Stylesheet and scripts:-

Now, you know that how many request your site have. Html,css and script are most important file of your site which is responsible for appearance of your site. So we can’t remove it. But we know that http request is depends upon number of file. So site complete these request every time user visits.

We can not remove any files but we can combine it. If you’re using WordPress cms then you can minify your files easily by using plugins.

Some name of WordPress plugins to minify files.

WP Super Minify | WordPress.org

Better WordPress Minify | WordPress.org

Better WordPress Minify | WordPress.org

3: Use compressed Files:-

Compression is also a best practice to improve loading time and speed. We can reduce the size of image and file we are going to use on our website. There are many software and website available who can compress your images and files easily. If you are using WordPress then plugin can help you to compress your files.

So if you are using a file of less size then it minimize loading time of websites.

4:Enable Browser caching:-

When someone visits first time  on your website then their browser download webpage and its all elements and stores it as a form of cache file locally into hard drives. So on next visits, Browser doesn’t need to download all files again. So this is Browser caching by using which we can improve site loading speed.

If you are running a WordPress site then you can improve your loading time by using  WP Super Cache plugin.

5:Enable Compression:-

Compression of webpages is also a best practice to imorove site loading speed. Nowadays , GZip compression is popular and easiest way to compress webpages. We know that file of webpage likes Html , css  and script have repeated code,whitespace,unnecessary lines. So by using GZip compression we can reduce loading time of website.

If you aren’t sure that you site have enabled GZip or not you can check thru the link checkgzipcompression.com.

5:-Reduce the number of Plugin:

If you are using more plugin on your website then it is recommended that remove unnecessary plugins which are not in regular use. Because every plugin is a script who takes some time to initialize. So if reduces number of plugins then loading time also reduces.

6:Reduces redirects:-

Redirects is best things which helps to eliminate error of deleted pages and broken links but it also increases the number of https request so redirect is also responsible to increase loading time of website. So it is best recommendation that use less redirection to improve site speed.

7:Use Compressed Images and files:-

If you are going to add Pictures or any files in your article, Then you should have compress the image before using it. There are much tools available offline and online you can use them accordingly.If you are using WordPress CMS then you have a lot of plugin which makes easier to your works. Smush Image Compression is a WordPress’s plugin. You can use this plugin to compress image. If you don’t want to compress image by using plugin then you can use some online website who compress your images. Here are some website you can use to compress images.



3:Online Image Compressor.


8:Minimize External Scripts:

This a best improvement in loading speed. First, you need to consider how much external script used in your website. it means if your site are using  many external files then it can bad for you loading speed.So check and improve it.

So here we have given some information about to improve Page Loading Speed Of you site.

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I hope you’ll like this post. If you have any question regarding this, you can ask in given comment box.


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