How to hide any Hard drives in Windows 7/8/10/XP


How  to Hide Hard Drives in Computer?

If you are a Windows user then this article will helpful for you. It occurs sometimes you have some confidential data which is located on your computer and you don’t want that anyone can access these data then you use much costly data encryption software to hide these data. So in this article, we are going to tell you a very easy and free tutorial which can hide your data. To do this you have to move all data in the single drive which you want to hide. There are many options available but here we will tell a very easy step. So learn it carefully.

Go to Disk Management Tool:

To go to Disk management tool you can type DISK MANAGEMENT in the search bar or you can also follow step given below.

Right Click on Computer icon >>Manage>>Coomputer-manage-image

now a new window is opened and find Disk Management in Storage sectionhide-drive-image-2-computer

Now all drives will show which will be available on your computer.

Select Drive of Your choice:


The select drive which you want to hide and Right Click on It. You will see an option named as Change Drive letter and Path click on it you will see a screen as given below.hide-drive-choose-drive


Then click on remove.

Congratulation, You have done all steps carefullyremove-assigned-letter-computer now this drive is not accessible from windows explorer.

How to Hide drives by DiskPart Cmd tool?

This is also very easy steps to hide hard drive but it works by command line. So follow these steps to hide your drives.


There are several ways to open DiskPart. Here we choose Run. Press Windows key+R and type DiskPart in it and then hit enter. Now if it asks for permission click on Yes and enters in it.

2)Now Type” List Volume “and Hit enter key.

Now all volumes available in your computer will be shown. Choose drive which you want to hide and its drive letter.

Choose numeral which is assigned to this drive. Let we want to hide our D drive and numeral assigned to D drive is 3

3)Now type “select volume 3″ and hit enter key.

4)Finally, Type “Remove letter D” and Hit enter key.

You will see a message – Diskpart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point.

How to make visible hidden drives?

To undo this process you have to follow the same step as already have done but change something in the last step where you have clicked on Remove replace it by Add and choose a drive letter which is not assigned before and clicks on Ok.

You have done. Now your hidden drive will be shown in windows explorer and accessible from anywhere in the computer.

How to show hidden drives By Diskpart Tool?

To make visible your hidden drives you have to follow above steps at the number of 3 and finally type “Assign Letter D “and hit the enter key.

Now your drives are ready to show in windows explorer.


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