How to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8/10


Hibernation is a cool feature of windows operating system which allows the contents of RAM to be written in PC Hard Drive before powering off. when we start computer again then content reloaded from hard disk to RAM and attempts to restore same state when did we switch off our computer. Suppose, You are working on notepad and you have written  few words in your notepad but now you want to leave your computer then you can choose a option hibernate. So after this if you start our computer then system will be resume at same state it means, system will be resume from you left it. it also help to user if computer switch off automatically due to weak battery. So we can say that the hibernate option is most useful feature for users.

But hibernate option is hidden from latest versions of windows like win 8/10. Because, latest version of Windows are designated like Tablet OS. So that option are hidden by default. But don’t worry for that because In this article we’ll tell you that how you can enable hibernate option in windows 8/10.

So follow given tutorial and after that you’ll be able to use hibernate option in window 8 and window 10.

To enable Hibernate  in windows 8, Click battery icon on system tray and then select More Power Option.battery-icon

Now Select “Choose what the power button do” from left sidebar.


Now Select the option “Change the setting that are currently unavailable“.


hibernate option

After this, You’ll be able to see an option ” Show Hibernate” check this box to enable and save changes. Now You can see Hibernate option. If you are a windows 10 user then you can also follow these steps to enable hibernate option in your PC.

hibernate option

I hope this article will be helpful for you. If You have any query regarding this you can ask me in comment box.


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