How to Remove Password From PDF File


We know that some PDF file comes with password encryption. So we have to enter password every time when we want to use these PDF file. Which is very frustrating. You can remove the password by yourself if you can store the file on a secure location. Here we’ll tell you three easy methods to remove PDF password.

The first method is too easier than others.

1 Method : By using Google Chrome

Here we are assuming that you have already installed Google Chrome Browser in your PC because at this time this browser is so popular. If you’ve already installed then you don’t have to install any other software. So follow these steps to unlock your PDF permanently.

Open your password protected PDF file using Google Chrome Web Browser. After this, you’ll be require to enter password of PDF file. Unfortunately, if you haven’t password you can’t use this method.

open in google chrome

So After entering password you’ll be able to see the document. Then you have to choose an option print. You can print using key Control+p or you can click on print icon given toolbar top of browser.



Then in new dialog choose option “Change” option under destination and select Save as PDF.



Now, you’ll be prompted for location and new name  for your document file. Give name and location according to you and save it.

Now, New file has been saved with same content without any password protection.

This is a very simple trick to remove password from PDF files.


Method#2: By using Adobe Acrobat PRO:

This is the official method to remove password of a PDF file But the software used in this method is a paid version. But adobe gives a  free trial for a week. So you can try for free.

Step#1 :Open Your protected PDF file in Adobe Acrobat pro and provide password to open document file.

Step#2: Click on icon of lock given top of left and then click on permission details.

You can also go for File > Properties and click the “Security” tab.


adobe pro open

Step#3: Go to Security method and Select  “No security”.choose-no-security


Step#4: Go to File and Click on Save to save your

Now,  Password has been removed from your PDF file.

This is also a easy method to remove password from PDF file.

Method#3 : Using Online Method

You can also remove your pdf password using Website online. There are tons of website available which can remove password from your PDF files. So here i’ll tell you about a best website by using which you can remove your PDF password Easily. So follow these Steps

Step#1: Go to Small PDf website .

smallpdf web

Step#2: Upload Your encrypted PDF file which you want to unlock.

upload pdf

Step#3 : Now, Check the Given Checkbox and Click on “UNLOCK PDF!” Button. Now, You’ll be prompted for your password enter password and Click On “Realy Unlock” Button.

Download the Given PDF File. In new file Your password has been removed and you can use it without entering password.

So you can use this method to remove password from your PDF file.

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