How Make Money Using ClickBank


Friends, There are a lot of people in the world who want to make money online from their home. But is it possible? Yes, Of course, it is possible, But How?

In this post, We are going to discuss that How to make money using Clickbank.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is also followed the same procedure as Affiliate Marketing. ClickBank is a tool which helps to earn money rather than promote to sell their products.  In this procedure, you have to select some items from their Website and sell them with anyone who interested to buy such products and then companies pay you some amount of price as the bonus. here is not any limit to sell products So that you can earn a unlimited money using this method. ClickBank also gives a service for advertisement in which we can advertise their products by link and when user click on the link then you will reward with some amount So we can say that ClickBank is the Best option to make money online from home. This is also helpful to Student because they want to earn money in their part-time as well as personnel can also make money using ClickBank.

How to  Start For ClickBank?

ClickBank is a genuine way to make money online and it gives money rather than selling their products. So They have to need to collect your information for future references. So before starting their services, you need to register yourself at ClickBank Website with your valid details.

Follow the given steps to register yourself at ClickBank.



Now a Registration Form will appear.



You have to fill your Complete Information like Personal, Bank Info, and Account Profile Information.


After filling Registration Form, You will be registered successfully.

After Registration, you have to log in using your id and password.

In the dashboard, You will see two option Vendor and Affiliate.

Before the start, you should know that what is vendor and affiliate and what are basic differences between Affiliate and vendor.

Affiliate:- This option is available to advertise a product of another company or another person. In this option, you have to promote their product and after the successful sale, you’ll be able to earn some money as commision.

Vendor:-Vendor is an option Given For for those who want to sell their products with the help of ClickBank Program. In this Program, if you can add any product which you want to sell or promote with the help of ClickBank.

How make Money Using ClickBank?


To earn money using ClickBank you have to login in your account and after login, you’ll be able to see some product categories on the left side of the webpage. Now, Select the category of your choice and after choice, you’ll see much product related your query. choose the product and click on promote Button. Now share provided link with the help of website, social media and after the sale, you can earn money as commision of that sale.


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