What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it work


Generally, The word Affiliate Marketing is very difficult for the new bloggers or anyone if they have not listened before about Affiliate Marketing. But Affiliate Marketing is not difficult as you think. So in this article, we are describing all factor of Affiliate Marketing who help you to understand about this.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

First of all, Affiliate Marketings is a way to earn money by selling products of third-party companies. In Affiliate Marketing, a large number of company available who offers an Affiliate program.

In this program, the company provides links, Banner, Advertisement and pay for these promotions.

In simple words, We can say that Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing tool in which company pays to promote their products.

In Affiliate Marketing, the company provides a link to their products and when any Customer buys the products by going thru the link provided by the company pay some percent of products as a reward.

How does it work?

In the whole process, only three parameters are important in Affiliate, Company (who want to promote their products), Affiliates ( who want to earn money by affiliate ), the user who wants to buy products.

In this process, Companies have a large number of products and to increase the number of sale of the products company drive a program Affiliate. Any website owner Blogger or anyone who have any pattern to sell the products can register himself in the program.

To sell their products company provides some links, Banners, and advertisement and Affiliates have to show these things on their website and when a user visits the site and if likes these products. If a user buys these products then company pay some percent of the selling price as a reward.

Here are some common term associated with Affiliate Marketing:


Affiliates can be anyone. But generally in the affiliate program, Owner of website or Bloggers are participating because they have a ranked site where they can promote the products given by the company.

Affiliate Marketplace: There are many marketplaces like Cj, ClickBanks, and Shareasale. These work as central databases for affiliate programs in different niches.

Affiliate link: Affiliate link is the special link provided by affiliation company to track their sales.

Affiliate ID: Affiliate ID is same as the Affiliate link. It is also provided by the company to manage the account.

2-tier affiliate marketing: This is the best way to earn money by affiliate marketing. you recommend that others join affiliate programs, and you receive a commission when a sub-affiliate makes a sale.

Link Clocking: Link Clocking is a process to change URL by using URL Shortener. Because URL Provided by the most affiliate are ugly.


In Affiliate Marketing, companies pay only for the successful sale of the product. But company have also a term PPC (Pay per click) by using company pay some amount for each time clicks on ads.

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