What is Cookie and What are Types of Cookies


HTTP Cookie is a small text file which is stored by the server in the hard disk of user’s computer. They are designed to store user’s information about web experience. When a user visits on any web page then the server sends to the browser a small file of information and then browser stores it in computer’s hard drive and send it on the server on next request by the server. This cookies file helps both users and Webmaster. Perhaps, You’ll have already seen on any E-commerce that if we visit on their site and search for any item then on next visit the website automatically show the old item. Exactly, this is cookies.

Cookies are also an important factor in web technology. It is a small file but it can store very useful information about users like username, password, demographic details, form field(details which you have previously entered on a website), web experience and any such information which can help on next visit. Like other things, cookies also have some advantages and some disadvantages. Here we are going to tell you everything about cookies.  So If you want to know about cookies then read the full article.

What are types of cookies?

Session Management:-

This type of cookies is used to store login details of the user to make a successful session. You have already seen on some website We have to log in only once. Next time, we can log in to the website without providing any login information. This type of cookies is mainly used to store information like Logins, shopping carts, game scores, or anything else the server should remember.

User Preference:- 

This type of cookies are used to store user preferences, Themes, settings, user choices.


This type of cookies are used to store tracking information of user behavior. these are installed by third parties with the aim of collecting certain information to carry out various research into behavior, demographics etc. So this is known as third-party cookies.

Advantage of Cookies:-

As we have already told that cookies store any information about user preferences. So the cookies help to user to remember their old memories about the website. The advantage of cookies is given below.

  • Cookie are simple to use and implement.
  • Their not requires any server resources to store cookies.
  • Cookies help the user to remember their preferences and their choices.
  • Cookie persist for a much longer period of time than Session state.
  • Cookies are Domain specified So any cookies can read by another domain.

  • User can disable of Cookies Storing process.

Disadvantage of using Cookies.

  • There are many disadvantages of using cookies.  As mentioned previously, cookies are not secure because it stores sensitive information. Although cookies are encrypted but can easily read by a hacker. So there are much chances to hack user’s information.
  • The session can also hack by XSS (Cross-site Scripting) attack.
  • Cookie will not work if the security level is set to high in the browser.
  • Users can delete cookies.


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