What is domain name and different types of Domains


What is Domain Name and how does It work ?

Basically a domain is a identity of any website . Which specify the name and create uniqueness for our website. As you can see in my website www.lifesafar.com here lifesafar.com is domain name for my site .So we can say That Domain name is a text based string which assign for a particular website and is memorable than numeric based internet protocols.

Some time ago  web address was look like which was very complex to memorize and type for browsing then domain had come.

So in easy words we can say that Domain name is a string which is used to identify and addressing any website which is more easier to remember than numeric based IP and also Domain name is easy to type in address bar.

What are different type of domain names.

There are many types Domain Names which is given below with there definition.

TLD:Top Label Domain:-

The Top label  domain is a part of domain name located on right side of Dot(“.”)

The top label domains are stands for

  1. .Com ( Commercially).
  2. .net ( Network).
  3. .org (Organization).
  4. .info (information).

ccTLD:Country code Top label Domain:-

You’ll have already seen in some of website domains contains at the right side of dot (“.”)  ca ,in ,de ,us and many other characters at last of domain name. Where last two characters are used to specify country .So these types of domain is treated as country code Top Label Domain (CCTLD).

Second Label:-

Second label domain are looks like example.com.org this type of domain are called second label domain name.

Sub-Domain: Generally Sub-domain is a part of high ranked domain name which looks like info.lifesafar.com. this domain is sub-domain of lifesafar.com.

RTLD : Restricted top label domains:-

RTLD stands for restricted top label domain which is reserved for special registrar . like .gov is reserved for Government , .museum is reserved for museum and .book is reserved for book sellers,and many other domain of this types available but it is reserved for special purposes.

How does it works ?

Now a most important topic arises that how domains works . So here we are going to describe that how domain works.

When anyone types domain name like example.com in browser then browser wants to connect on particular IP which is associated with your website and after connect it search for index page which is located on public folder of website directory then particular Web page is shown in browser.

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