What is SEO and Why It is Necessary for Blogs


What is SEO?

SEO stands for ” Search Engines Optimization“. Basically, SEO is a process to rank web pages in the top of search result. If you a blogger or a Webmaster then you should not avoid it because the whole earning of a blogger depends upon their site traffic which he gains through search engines because you can only earn if a lot of visitors comes on your site. You’ll have already seen that whenever we search for any information in search engines then many search results come but a result is shown on top of these results. Have you ever thought about it that why some results appear on top of search results? Exactly, This is SEO. Because that site owner follows SEO tips to rank their site at the top of search results.

Why it necessary for Blog or Websites?

As a blogger, everybody wants his site to appear at the top of the search result, but only that blogger is able to do so that follows all the SEO tips.Because without traffic a site is nothing and traffic can increase by following SEO tips. So we can say that the SEO is very important things for the websites.


What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is a most important topic because it is mainly working on your site content like design, content, meta tag, description, content keyword, and the topic of your content. So it is important for SEO but it is in your hand because you can improve your site content by following below-given tricks.

On-Page SEO Techniques:

There are some techniques are given you should follow them if you want to rank your site.

1)Website Loading speed.

Of course, it is necessary for SEO that your site loads faster because generally, it becomes that Visitor leaves sites and go to next search results if the site does not load in 5-6secends. This is very bad for SEO. You should improve your site loading time to make more attractive to your site. To improve the speed of your site, it recommended that use fewer plugins in your site and use the minimum size of contents which is using on your blog or site if you are a WordPress site owner then you can use Wp Super cache plugin which also makes faster to your sites.

2)Navigation menu.

It is also important to make attractive and sensible to your website because visitor only stays on your site if the visitor can find those things which he wants to access. So this can be done by Navigation of your site. Sometimes, It also happens that user does not find information even that is available on the blog then user leaves your site. So choose such type of navigation where all article is accessible.

3) Title tag.

The title tag also works sense for SEO because Google can’t show your complete title if your title has maximum words than 65. So it is recommended that always use less than 65 words in the title tag.

4) Internal Linking.

It is recommended that always insert URLs of your other pages and related articles in your articles which you are writing because if we do it search engines also rank inserted links in search results.

5) Heading.

It is also important for SEO to use more heading in your article which you writes. In an article which you want to write use H2, H3 heading tag to make more attractive and it also better works for SEO Scoring.

5) Content.

You already know that it is most important than others because if all things a used correctly and quality of your article is not good then you should improve them because Visitor only read your articles if you have used the more readable quality content. So it is recommended that always choose a healthy topic to write your article and use quality keywords which makes more readable to your articles.

6) ALT Tag in images.

Yes, you should use alt tag in your images which you use in your article because it can also gain more traffic on your site. It is also important for SEO.

7) Keywords.

In order to write a quality article for SEO friendly, you should use focus keyword and make Bold and Italic in article keyword which is important.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-Page SEO doesn’t work internally on the blog. It is used externally to gain traffic by using promotion, advertising, link sharing on social media, Guest post, commenting on blogs. So this also helps to gain more traffic to your sites.

Here are given some techniques for Off-Page SEO.

1) Social Media.

Share the link of your blog or website on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and many other popular social media platforms.

2) Google Adword.

Google AdWords is an ad platform where you can advertise your blog. By this method, your blog is optimized for search engines.

3) Comments on popular Blog.

You should comment on the popular blog. But only write your website link in given website field.

4) Submit site URL to search engines.

You should know that there are several search engines and visitor always uses their choice to use a search engine. So it is recommended that Submit your website all popular search engines.

5)Guest Post on other Blog.

You should write a guest post on other popular blogs where the guest post is available and you can give your website URLs in the post to follow.By doing this you can get more visitor from those sites where you are posting your article as a guest.

6) Question & Answer.

There are many platforms available for discussion and QNA. So you can go to these type of website and give the answer of questions and post your link below the answer.

So this is the basic term and techniques about Search Engine Optimization. So by following these tips, you can increase your traffic and visitors.

I hope this article will be helpful for to understand basic term and techniques. So if You like this post then share it with your friends. Give your suggestion in the comment box. I’ll be waiting for your comment and suggestion about this post.


You have a good day.



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