What is Virtual Memory and How increase size of Virtual Memory?


What is Virtual Memory?

In Computing, Virtual Memory is a memory management technique. It maps memory addresses used by a program, called virtual addresses, into physical addresses in computer memory and gives a large memory to run too many programs at same time.

You can think as” We have the limited size of RAM in our computer and also We know that every application of computer is reserve some space in RAM. When we’re running too many application at same time. at a time, it happens that our computer stops working. This is the time where we need to use virtual memory. By using Virtual Memory, we can increase our logical memory without increasing size of RAM.”

How does Virtual Memory Work?

Virtual Memory is a common part of every Operating Systems and computer because it gives a lot of benefits.

Let me explain, what is a virtual memory?

Virtual memory is a technique of memory management in which we can increase the size of logical memory without increasing size of RAM. In this process, when we’re running many application same time then virtual memory save the image of RAM in the form of paging file on our hard disk. Therefore, the size of our ram is freed and we can use another new application at same time. The image of RAM is saved in a file named as pagefile.sys.

What are advantage and disadvantage to increase Virtual Memory?


  • It provides a chance to use too many application at same time.
  • It increase size of logical memory without increasing RAM size.
  • it can improve performance of our computer.


  • Application runs slower.
  • Virtual memory uses the space of Hard drive So herd drive space decreases.
  • Takes more time to switch applications.

How to increase the size of Virtual Memory?

If you’re receiving a warning that your Virtual Memory is low then you need to increase the minimum size of the paging file.

To increase size of virtual memory follow steps given below:-

  • Go to Computervirtual-memory-1
  • Click on System Properties.
  • Click Advanced System Settings in left navigation.
  • Then choose Advanced in Tab on the top.
  • Select Settings in Performance Dialog.virtual-memory-4
  • in Performance option, choose category Virtual memory and click on change.
  • virtual-memory-5
  • Now select Custom size.
  • In initial size you can fill Size of your RAM + 300 MB and in Maximum Size, You’ve to three times of your RAM size and then click on OK.
  • Now you have increased your virtual memory.

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